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Framework of BDI Systems

A unique Dashboarding and Reporting Framework has been developed by BDI Systems which can provide dashboards on all the devices. This framework can read data from structured and unstructured databases using the Open Source Technology of HADOOP.
Following are some of the features of Dashboarding and Reporting Framework in general:
›› The framework should be capable enough to convert the current available data report into a dashboard with the existing data.
›› It should be able to analyze the available data and check the cause of any unlikely happening.
›› It should be well equipped to do predictive analysis of the available data from futuristic point of view.
›› It should be well equipped to do predictive analysis of the available data from futuristic point of view.
Thus, the tool or framework has to be competent in the areas of fetching, processing, and delivering reports or visualizations.
Key Features of the BDI's Framework
›› Ability to fetch data from structured and unstructured sources like BIG data.
›› Process even the previously inoperative text data in survey reports transforming it into intelligible analysis.
›› HTML5 support for dashboard compatibility across most of the platforms.
›› Flexibility in terms of designing dashboards, as the data fields can be structured in virtual data layers.
›› Achieve complex functionalities and calculations through predefined functions in calculation engine.
›› Increased interactivity for end user by switching between charts and making dynamic analysis or reports as per his needs.
›› Real time alerts which will keep the dashboard users updated on changes in data.
›› User security and privilege levels.
›› Encrypted transmission of sensitive user data.
›› A wide range of components featuring various data rendering animations for a premium look and feel.
›› Enable Language Localization with the help of a tool based on the location of the user.
›› Minimal learning curve to start using the tool. No coding knowledge or deep querying skills needed for end to end usage. Drag and drop feature allows most of the complexities managed in back-end.
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