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Tower Infrastructure Management

BDI Systems has come up with a product to handle Asset management, Audits, Energy audits with ingrained reports and dashboards on Key business metrics. It is a Java framework based product that has been developed after discussing the issues of Tower Asset Audit in the telecom industry in India. This product takes in technologies such as Flex, Java, J2EE, ICE Faces, Spring, and Hibernate based product. Westrix, a telecom TSP, is our partner in developing the Tower Infrastructure Management.
Product consists of four different layers
  • Presentation Layer
  • Business Layer
  • Data Access Layer
  • Business Intelligence Layer
First three above mentioned layers are physically located on the same J2EE server. These layers are isolated from one another and connected through well-defined interfaces.
Presentation Layer
JFS ICEfaces and Facelets are used to build the presentation layer of the application. JFS allows to create a rich GUI for web application resolving the technical challenges involved in it. In this layer, JSP pages and ICEfaces components are integrated into Facelets containers. All the requests to the web server are passed through FacesServlet.
Business Layer
POJO classes and the classes to process the business logic are used to create the Business Layer. The POJO classes with the help of spring framework create an ideal solution to implement the Business Layer.
Data Access Layer
The Data Access Layer handles all the logic to save and retrieve data from the data base. Hibernate O/R mapping tool is an ideal solution for enterprise application of any size. Hibernate handles all the logic to store and retrieve POJO objects. It also handles resource management and transaction management activities.
Business Intelligence Layer
The product has a competency to generate pre-built reports on the basis of solution bought by customer under SAAS model. Jasper Soft Reports are integrated as pre-built reports into the system. Business Objects Platform/Crystal reports solutions are integrated for the large customers. As per the solution chosen and the budget decided by each customer, the Dashboard layer is developed using Xcelsius or Flex based board.