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Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Services

SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions help you deliver integrated, accurate and timely data across your enterprise.
With EIM solutions, you can:
›› Help ensure that data is complete, accurate, and accessible, to increase the efficiency of business operations and business intelligence
›› Accelerate access to business information, to optimize performance and decision making
›› Manage information throughout its lifecycle, to enhance governance and compliance

SAP Data Services
SAP Business Objects Data Services is your solution for delivering trusted data across the enterprise. Enterprise-class performance and functions allow you to address initiatives such as ERP, BI, data warehousing, data migration, and master-data management. Embedded Data-quality services in your ERP or CRM application help ensure that data is correct from the start  enabling downstream operations and business decisions to be made with trusted information. Data integration functions allow heterogeneous data from disparate sources to be used for broad view of the data, helping ensure that there are no gaps in business planning. Pre-defined SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts packages deliver complex data in concise, open, and accessible models that can enable advanced analytics in days rather than months. Faster reports can mean faster decisions  enabling the truly agile enterprise.

With SAP Business Objects Data Services, you can:
›› Respond to information needs and accelerate time to market
›› Deliver the most trusted and accurate information
›› Maximize operational efficiency with a single platform
›› Leverage a collaborative, complete, and open solution scalable for any project size.
SAP Data Quality Management
SAP Business Objects Data Quality Management software can empower organizations to easily centralize the discovery, correction, and prevention of data quality issues across the enterprise through a single graphical interface. You can ensure the integrity of your data, maximize developer productivity, and rely on complete data for all operational and analytic initiatives. As a result, you can leverage trusted, timely, and accurate information - so your users have a solid foundation for decision making.

With SAP Business Objects Data Quality Management, you can:
›› Improve governance  Improve business user efficiency and deliver on compliance requirements through better data governance.
›› Leverage more reliable data  Enable your employees to have full confidence in the accuracy and relevance of your data with data lineage information for auditing.
›› Lower risk and increase ROI  Reduce risk and maximize the return on your business software investment by leveraging consistent, high-quality information.
›› Shorten development times and build prototypes faster  Use codeless, drag-and drop user interfaces for data quality or integration efforts, while simultaneously addressing data quality management and integration.
›› Simplify development and testing  Repurpose and redeploy proven elements of a data integration framework using a shared central repository for development collaboration.
›› Cleanse data  Identify, parse, and standardize non-customer and region-specific data, so you can leverage a single, reliable, panoramic view of products, supply chains, and other key information.
SAP Information Steward
SAP Information Steward provides a single environment to discover, assess, define, monitor, and improve the quality of your enterprise data assets.