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Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Wireless Telecom

Key Challenge – One of the largest IT Service major in India took this project, BI implementation was part of the overall IT maintenance and development for this wireless major. Architecture designed by them was not scalable and customer was facing lot of issues on performance and quality of reports, when SAP India Head suggested consultancy from BDI Systems.

Brief Description of the Project –  The project involved preparing deployment architecture,  infrastructure sizing,  installation of BOBJ & integration of  Win AD,  SSO,  SSL. Our Architects also designed the reporting architecture and developed reports and dashboards using Crystal Reports,  Universe,  Webi and Xcelsius.  The performance of the implementation was tuned to scale up for 6,000 Users.  User management and access rights control were designed to manage such large user base.

We have also maintained the production environment and upgrading the server with the latest Service packs.

Size of the Project – 100 resource-months

Technology Used – BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1, WebLogic 10,  Oracle 10g , Win AD,  SSO, SSL, Crystal Reports,  Universe,  QaaWS,  Live  Office,  WebI,  Xcelsius.

Highlights – One of the largest implementation of BOBJ in India., involving clustering, on 36 CPU cores,  SAN storage, load-balancing,  high availability and disaster recovery.  Individually tailored reports are busted to over 2,000 users.


Case Study 2 – Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals

Key Challenge – Apart from doing reporting and dash boarding on 160+  study databases, customer had 4 Lakhs users in their clinical research application  and they wanted to automate the Business User creation in BusinessObjects platform.

They also wanted to create a forecasting dashboard which could be made only using Flex over the Xcelsius and required good all round development skills.

Brief Description of the Project – The client wanted to provide BI capabilities like self-service  reporting  & dash boarding to  their customers and internal audience by integrating their clinical solution with Business Objects XI 3.1. BDI Systems were involved in designing the reporting database based out of multiple transactional ‘Study’ databases,  development of  reports  & dashboards using Web Intelligence & Xcelsius,  security model for internal & external users , Universe Overloading,  row level security and integration with their customized clinical research web solution .

Size of the Project – 35 resource-months + Maintenance for 6 months.

Technology Used – BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1,  IIS 6.0, Tomcat 5,.x  SQL server 2005 , Universe,  QaaWS,  Live  Office,  WebI,  Xcelsius,  BOBJ Platform & Webi SDK, Java, .NET 2.0

Highlights – Reports had to retrieve and consolidate data from multiple data sources.  Extensive security model put in place to address internal and external users.  Row level security  was leveraged to retrieve only associated data to a site/study.  Universe overloading used to provide selective objects to ad-hoc report creators.  BOBJ was integrated with their portal.  Developed custom XML data connectors for Xcelsius using JSP.

The USERMapper application is now available as a Tool for customers having the challenge of maintaining large set of users.

A elaborate documentation of field by field details of reports & dashboards were also made.


Case Study 3 – Insurance

Key Challenge -  A US based insurance broking agent wanted to have many webi features in dash boarding solutions. These features were not provided in the SAP Dashboarding product. BDI Systems had to create 5 Xcelsius components to give them basic Drill, Multi Colour Column, Export to Excel, Cross Tab Modular type of components using Flex & Xcelsius SDKs.

Brief Description of the Project – Our Solution Architects and consultants designed,  developed and deployed BOBJ Web Intelligence look alike drillable and highly interactive Xcelsius Dashboards to monitor diverse insurance claim pattern trends.  The project involved creation of many Xcelsius Dashboards. Extensive work was done on Crystal reports design, development and testing for this customer.  We did health-check of customer’s DWH/BI implementation.

Size of the Project – 50 resource-months + Maintenance for Multiple Years

Technology Used – Xcelsius, Flex, Crystal Reports, Oracle, QAAWS, Live Office

Highlights – Developed complex Xcelsius components to meet customer demand.  BDI Systems competed against some of US based software service firms, which do Xcelsius component development, for this project.  The contract was because our POC met customer’s expectations.  As part of the project, we developed 5 Xcelsius Components using the Xcelsius SDK,  about 50 Xcelsius Dashboards, and  50 Crystal Reports.


Case Study 4 – Manufacturing/Automobiles

Key Challenge –  A very large Automobile major with 35 group companies wanted to implement Business Objects on top of their SAP BW.  The idea was to create sizing for Automobile company first and do some working POC before a big bang implementation which could be extended to all 35 group companies.

Brief Description of the Project – SAP India had consulted the customer initially to create the end to end BI architecture.  There after we took over the execution. Initially we prepared the entire deployment architecture and infrastructure sizing.  Based on the inputs from SAP BI experts and customer’s Business Users,  our Architect solved difficult integration issues between SAP and Business Objects and the team created complex Xcelsius dashboards  that  fetches live data feed from SAP system.  Knowledge transfer to customer’s IT team was done at the close of the project.

Size of the Project – 5 resource-months using 2 senior Solutions Architects.

Technology Used – BusinessObjects  Enterprise XI 3.0,  SAP Integration Kit,  SAP BW, Xcelsius,  QaaWS and Live Office ..

Highlights – One of the first SAP – BOBJ integration project of SAP India. 

Although our role was there only in the beginning but this was one of the largest and quickest BOBJ implementations in India.


Case Study 5 – FMCG

Key Challenge – Remove the performance bottleneck in the Xcelsius dashboards of the largest FMCG in the world.

Brief Description of the Project – The Xcelsius application was implemented by a global software services company.  But, customer faced serious  performance bottlenecks.  Application was not scalable beyond 30 users or so and time taken to load dashboard was far beyond customer’s benchmark.  The mandate to BDI System was to improve overall performance. BDI removed the custom components used by the earlier implementer and designed and implemented a solution using SAP standard components, which is currently under user acceptance test.  BDI involved an SAP Consulting firm to develop BSP Service to get data feed for Xcelsius.

BDI’s sr Architect worked as a Project Manager as well as Sr SAP Consultant. BOBJ SDK training were provided to customer’s team in France and other countries.

A Developer was use to develop various XMLs for performance Testing.

Size of the Project – 20 resource-months,  involving senior Solutions Architects, Deployment Architects, Xcelsius expert and Java Developers.

Technology Used – BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1,  SAP Integration Kit,  SAP BW, third-party Xcelsius,  BSP,  Flex Development, etc.

Highlights – The assignment involved identifying and rectifying performance bottlenecks. This is one of the most complex assignments that SAP India has taken.

Case Study 6 – Media

Key Challenge – End to End Business Objects implementation, Integration with SAP and other data sources (like Oracle etc) for other publications. This is one of the largest media house in India and has more than 10 Publications.

The Business User community were not completely aware of the product features.

Brief Description of the Project – End to end implementation of Business Objects BI solution on top of SAP BW, BPC and Oracle data source of Manorama for their different publications. We engaged business users to understand the business requirement and conducted gap analysis on BW data models to ensure the availability of the right data for the dashboard. A complex set and unique set of 32 dashboards are being designed which covers Finance, Circulation, Marketing, Sales and Material Management groups.

Size of the Project – 35 resource-months,  involving senior Solutions Architects, Deployment Architects, Xcelsius experts and Sr Reporting Developers.

Technology Used – BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1,  SAP Integration Kit,  SAP BW, third-party Xcelsius,  BSP,  QAAWS, Live Office, Oracle DBs (data marts), Flat Files.

Highlights – Dashboards getting data from Multiple Sources using QAAWS/LO.

These set of dashboards are becoming the Industry standards for Media.