Tableau Services

Tableau is a one of the fastest moving BI software in 2013. Tableau focuses on what we call as a Rapid Fire BI approach. These are the six most important attributes of this new approach to business intelligence:

›› Speed The hallmark of rapid-fire business intelligence is the ability to do analysis at the speed of thought even against massive and disparate data.
›› Self Reliance Analytics and reporting are produced by the people using the results.
›› Visual Discovery Spot anomalies and outliers instantly versus sorting through pages of spreadsheets.
›› Large and Diverse Data It must work with data of any size, from hundreds of terabytes to petabytes and more. It must work with unstructured or raw data.
›› Ubiquitous Collaboration The solution must enable colleagues and authorized partners to access the data and communicate, with group- and role-based data security. It must scale from departments to business units and across the largest enterprises.
›› Flexible Configurations You can start small but scale big.
We at BDI completely agree to the above points.

BDI has used Tableau for Analytics on top of Sales Force data as well as on Hadoop [Big Data] for Automobile industry research. We have worked on following :

›› Tableau based Sales Analytics using Sales Force Data & ELOQUA for marketing.
›› We at BDI have worked with large structured and unstructured data from Hadoop to Tableau through MapR Hive ODBC connector and built a dashboard on this data. We can do predictive analysis and forecast the market as per the available data through Tableau.
›› We have also done sentimental analysis of the automobile market based on public feedback comments on the automobile industry through Tableau.

See some of the Tableau charts :

Correlation between Sales and Percentage of Reviews according to categories for a particular segment :-


The trends of Percentage (%) of Total Number of Review and sum of total sales categorized as per manufacturer :-


The trend of sum of total sales (actual & forecast) as per Manufacturer :-


The total number of reviews categorized by Category and Manufacturer :-