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BDI Systems is a leading end-to-end analytics firm with expertise in BI Visualization, Big Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, and Decision Sciences. It facilitates companies to implement data-driven decision making. BDI Systems, with its own platform and skills in multiple technologies, is a unique combination of products and services in the Big Data Analytics Space.


In the conventional analytics space, algorithmic crunching is used and shared via traditional methods such as Excel, PowerPoint, or Word documents of Microsoft. This could lead to findings becoming stale over a period of time. Companies facing these issues have started to evolve with the help of various analytics tools, but this has led to a high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Top-tier product companies such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM charge very high licensing fees for their database platforms and the different products they have acquired. The ‘Big Four’ are developing good solutions for Big Data, but those solutions are extremely costly and the talent base for those technologies is not readily available.
With the advent of Big Data and Hadoop based infrastructure, companies wishing to implement analytics have many technologies to consider. They can then set up Big Data engineering labs that are equipped with skilled engineers and scientists to deal with the vast amounts of both structured and unstructured data. The final step that companies would need to take is to develop a BI Visualization framework where charts and reports can be viewed on all types of devices. These findings can be customized as per business needs and can display vast amounts of data in an easy to understand manner.
BDI provides Big Data Analytics in a holistic manner, as described in the following diagram:

With a strong Business Intelligence foundation based on Business Objects, BDI has reinvented itself with its BizViz platform. BizViz provides an end-to-end analytics solution. BDI assesses its customer’s needs and suggests the most suitable solution. The company provides a perfect platform for its customers and partners by using various tools and service capabilities along with a great team attitude. BizViz has been ‘white-labeled’ by many partners in order to create a consistent solution for their own clients.

BDI’s Achievements and Growth

›› Started in May 2008 with a small group of Business Objects R&D folks, by May 2014, BDI has grown to become 225 people strong.
›› BDI was started with a small group of Business Objects R&D engineers in 2008. It has since grown into a 225 member strong organization.
›› BDI’s exponential growth (120X) is entirely self-driven (without any external investment).
›› BDI has built up a team of smart and dedicated technology professionals.
›› BDI has successfully served over 25 ‘Fortune 500’ companies through SAP and its US based partners.
›› BDI has provided its technologies and services to several leading International Schools.
›› BDI has implemented its services and technologies in various domains such as Education, Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Financial Services.
›› BDI has been awarded Preferred Vendor status by SAP. BDI and SAP have successfully together worked on the various products and projects.


The following words of appreciation by a Fortune 500 client sums what BDI can do for its customers. “ Thank you — You made a difference to our teams and our customers!! ”