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From time to time, customers reach out to us asking to assess their maturity around analytics, we have prepared detailed questionnaire around this subject that we would distribute to customer, gather and collect information, execute workshop sessions to produce the current state of analytics followed by a roadmap that can help them reach higher levels of maturity across the organization.


As the data grows, the demand for transformative analytics grows even higher. While gathering information and executing workshops is still essential to produce an actionable roadmap, there is an easy way to measure the current analytics maturity of an organization.

 Your organizational current analytics maturity lies in the type of questions your business users are asking and answering today.


We will break these questions down into three categories:


1.   Unlock the Past:

This is a descriptive stage where a number of questions that are being asked are about unlocking the past, very operational in nature:


a.    What happened?

b.    Where did it happen?

c.    How did it happen?

d.    Why did it happen?

e.    Who is responsible for it?


While this is a required step, this is only a first step in evolving into a data driven fact-based decision making organization.


2.   Predict the Future:


This is a predictive stage where a number of questions that are being asked are about events in real-time and future, very knowledgeable in nature:


a.    What is happening right now?

b.    What is going to happen next?


 This is a critical intermediate step to becoming a data driven fact-based decision making organization.


3.   Impact the Outcome:


This is a prescriptive stage where a number of questions that are being asked are about changing the outcome, very transformational in nature:


a.    How can I impact the outcome of what is going to happen next?


This is the essential stage most organizations aspire to be as they become a data driven fact-based decision making organization fueling innovation across the company.

While the questions vary from company to the company, the maturity stages apply to all industries whether you are a retail company or media or public sector.


ProMorphics mission is to transform businesses through business analytics. True business transformation occurs in stage 3. ProMorphics has developed methodologies, approaches that are proven to help customers quickly navigate to higher stages. We provide customer specific use cases, strategies and roadmaps and once these are approved, we execute them leveraging our onshore, offshore and blended delivery models helping customers with economies of scale and producing compelling transformative solutions increasing the analytics quotient (AQ) of  customer  organization.  

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