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Promoting Business Objects Dashboards in Business Objects 4.0 Your BI Guy
The first step in migrating an enterprise Business Objects Dashboard is to use the Life Cycle Manager to promote your connections, universes and reports from the development to the destination server. Next test your reports on the destination server to insure that the promotion has worked successfully. After this step you can begin to migrate your dashboards from development to the destination server.
Server Name paths are Relative
Inside your dashboard you have created Data Manager Connections to Web Intelligence Web Services, as the Web Service Query type. After you paste the WSDL URL and import, the Web Service URL is updated for you. This URL is bound to the server that you have used to develop your web services. In order for this dashboard to migrate to other servers this URL needs to be relative, which means you want to remove the server and port name and start the url with /dswsbobje/. I like to put this URL in a cell and change the dialog setting to bind to the cell. In my dashboards I have a cell that contains this value:

/dswsbobje/qaawsservices/queryasaservice?&cuid=FjE4f08lWg0AzDMAAED5ckMAAFBWjwBr&authType=secEnterprise&locale=en_US& timeout=60&ConvertAnyType=true.

The only element I need to change is the cuid. I use a formula to concatenate the base url and the cuid. If all your web services come from the same report, then you can change the Web Service URL: value to the cell reference: i.e. 'BI System'!$B$36.

Please note that this method removes the ability to Preview your dashboard. If you still want to Preview then you will need to keep the original URL that contains the server and port.
Server Name paths are Relative
After migrating the Web Intelligence report with LCM, you will need to open the report in the destination folder and update the web service URL (WSDL URL). The reason for this is that the migrated report still has the original WSDL URL from the source server. A future release of LCM may take care of this but in the meantime, if you want to have your web services run from the destination server you will need to do this.
Modify the report on the destination server with Web Intelligence (I prefer the client to perform my Web Service work)
Go to the Web Service Publisher and select the web service that you have previously promoted
Select any method from the web service and choose Edit
Click Next, Next, Update, OK. In other words, Don?t change anything!
Click the Refresh icon on the WSP toolbar
The WSDL URL has now been updated for this web service and references the destination server.
Migrating the Dashboard
To migrate the Dashboard to the destination server, you will not use LCM. In the current version of the LCM Dashboards cannot be migrated. The Only way this developer has found to promote a dashboard is to save it to the destination server via Dashboard Design Save to Platform.

Save the dashboard to the destination server under the proper folder. This could be a challenge as you may not be given a login to this server. You will need to work with your admin to provide a migration account to perform this step.

Now that all the Business Objects components are located and configured on the destination server, you can view your dashboards on the new system.

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