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POC which shows the capabilities of HANA and Data Services.

This project involved conversion of Symantec’s existing Sales Discounting ETL process to Data Service Jobs and HANA Procedures

Project Goals

Ÿ  Minimize sales discount levels to drive increased revenue and profitability

Ÿ  Enable timely discount analysis including historic discount levels

Ÿ  Influence sales to utilize discount analysis for deal negotiation strategy and benchmarking of account executive performance

Ÿ  Scale discount analysis reporting across sales geographies, regions, areas, and districts


The process involved conversion of complex QlikView and MS SQL Scripts to derive a final aggregated output table in HANA used for reporting and Dash boarding purpose. The final outcome was the Sales discounting dashboard which used the calculation views in HANA to derive data of complex queries in no time.

1.       Analysis of existing QlikView/SQL scripts and convert them to Data Service Job, by performing the necessary transformation

2.      Create complex HANA stored procedures

3.      SQL optimization in HANA to derive data in no time

4.      Implementation of Row level Data Restriction on HANA calculation views

5.      HANA Administration – user/Role creation, user rights to schema and Views.